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The Master the NIC training series


The Master the NIC training series was initially developed in 2006. The Master the NIC series consists of 3 different workshops:

Master the NIC: Written- This workshop is for anyone studying for the NIC or any other written exam. If you're like most people studying for the written, you read the recommended materials, but it ís hard to remember the info! It's not what you study, it's how you study! According to research, if you’re just reading the books, you are only retaining 10 percent of the information. Come join us, study with us, and learn how to retain 90 percent!

Master the NIC: Interview- This workshop is for those preparing for the NIC Performance. It can also be very beneficial for any interpreter needing training on the Code of Professional Conduct. The interview has been viewed as the hardest part of the test. Do you know some interpreters with phenomenal skills who have actually failed the test? The interview could very well be the reason why! When answering ethical dilemmas, we may know what to do but how do we answer in order to get the maximum points? Come find out! Come learn to be a Master from a Master. You will be taught proven methods to help you ace the interview portion of the performance! Many interpreters who have learned this format have gone on to receive HIGH ratings on the NIC. Many have been awarded a NIC: Master. Join us for this learning event that you'll be talking about long after it's over.

Master the NIC: Performance- What are the raters looking for in my interpreting? What exactly are the areas for rating? Come join us and learn about the different scoring areas and how to improve them so you can be a Master!


Practice Ethical



One of the best things a candidate can do to prepare for an exam and reduce test anxiety is to practice under exam-like conditions. In this practice DVD, you will be given ten sticky situations and five minutes. Can you answer the question entirely before the time runs out?"





Getting ready to take an interpreting written exam? Take a swing at hundreds of practice questions in this workbook specifically designed to prepare you for any general exam for interpreters.


Need personalized training? Want in-depth feedback on your work? Shonna has been an interpreter trainer for many years, evaluated hundreds of interpreters, and has helped hundreds achieve national certification. Let her and her team help you too.