Shonna Magee LLC.


Terms and Conditions Agreement


These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between Shonna Magee LLC (Company) and the person seeking interpreter training services (Trainee). This form is an integral part of the service provided for each training session between Company/Trainer and Trainee. These are guidelines that we as a company follow in principle. In case of conflict, the Terms & Conditions agreement takes precedence. As each Trainee has his/her own unique needs and requests which cannot be entirely covered by general terms and conditions, we look forward to working with Trainees to arrange special situations in a manner acceptable to all concerned parties.


All video diagnostic assessments will be at $30 per video, consisting of 45 minutes or less of Trainee’s sample work. One-on-one Skype Training will be at the rate of $40 per hour.


All Trainers are nationally certified interpreters and/or transliterators. Depending on the requests and needs of the Trainee, an appropriate Trainer will be selected. Trainee is required to fill out a questionnaire regarding interpreter training services prior to the session and return it to Company within 30 days of purchase or will be considered untimely and forfeit monies paid.

For video diagnostics, Trainer will provide detailed feedback to the Trainee illustrating strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations. Trainee can follow up with the Trainer in the case of a need for clarification. Trainee will have 30 days or less to provide Company with video or will be considered untimely and forfeit all monies paid for the video diagnostic assessment. Trainer will provide feedback to Trainee within 2 weeks of receipt of video.

For live one-on-one Skype Training, sessions will need to be scheduled. Trainee agrees to provide Company with a list of available dates and times for training. Both the Trainee and Trainer will agree upon a specific date and time via email. Once the schedule is confirmed, Trainee must cancel in advance or risk forfeiting monies paid.


Required notice for cancellation of Training session is as follows:

Session Length: 1-2 hours requires 48 weekday hours notice
Session length: 3+ hours requires 72 weekday hours notice

Weekday hours are defined as 24 hours Monday through Friday. Should a cancellation of a Training session not fall within these times, the cancellation will be considered untimely and will be billed in full for the time booked. A cancellation is only accepted via email or contact form on showing a time/date stamp on the cancellation.


If Trainee does not show up for a scheduled Training session within 20 minutes, it will be considered an untimely cancellation with the exception of death of a family member or documented medical emergency. Trainee’s technical issues are not considered as an exception.


Future Training time may be requested at any time on the website on the order/registration page. Each request will be confirmed if a Trainer is available. Should a confirmation be received without submitting a request, contact Shonna Magee LLC promptly to inform of the error. Either Trainee or Trainer may cancel the training relationship for any reason as long as it falls within the required cancellation time frame.